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About brand

Marcy invents, manufactures, and distributes adhesive-related products for the glass and automotive industries. Founded in 1973, Marcy now has customers on six continents, and is best known for specialty no-residue tapes that have been engineered and manufactured specifically for application to glass and metals that will be exposed to demanding environments.

From our core trademark, no-residue orange tape (used for glass packaging, moulding retention, and windshield protection), we have expanded our capabilities to include polymer extrusions (universal and fitted mouldings with pre-applied adhesive), protective products (for vehicles prior to repair, and for glass during distribution), and related sundry products (applicators, foams, butyls, etc.) for the auto glass industry.

Our company has two basic operating divisions organized around customer groups: autoglass and factories. In both cases we produce products designed for industry-specific applications that draw upon our core strengths in adhesive and polymer technologies. Informing all of our actions and transactions is our basic Code of Sustainability.